Thought for the day 15 May

Christian Aid Scotland Christian Aid Week 2020

Reflect: A vast array of creatures, including human beings, share a home on planet Earth. In the stories from Kenya we see families and their livestock thriving when there is plentiful water. Donkeys have strength to carry water. Goats and cows provide milk for breakfast, helping children to concentrate at school. Rosalia used to collect water from 6am to 6pm but now it takes her just 30 minutes to the nearby dam. She is a climate change champion. She says, ‘We are making ourselves the first in the frontline of climate change. I feel that it’s y earth dam, so I am happy.’

Respond: Water is so essential to life, it is no wonder that Jesus says he is living water and invites whoever is thirsty to come to him. We pray that Jesus’ words will speak to the thirsty parts of our soul and our societies. What is this unquenchable thirst that keeps the global economy consuming more and more resources which perpetuate the climate crisis? Pray that the global economy may stop driving climate change and that, together, we may be able to tackle the roots of inequality, allowing life on Earth to thrive. What can we do?

Water of life, who quenches all our thirsts, become in us a spring that gushes up to eternal life, flowing through our giving, acting and praying that all may drink deeply from your abundance and all of creation may thrive.

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