Thought for the day 2 May

Various people have commented that since the start of the lockdown there are now more cars on the road and more people to be seen on the streets (though to be fair, observing social distancing guidelines). However a report yesterday suggested that many people are wary of any easing of lockdown restrictions. In particular, they don’t feel comfortable with the idea of using public transport. Some folk have had no option throughout the lockdown but to use public transport: key workers who need to get to and from work, transport staff who keep the public transport system working. They may well have their fears and anxieties about it, but they use it/operate it for the greater good of us all. Our thanks and good wishes to them all!

Lord, help us to respect the guidelines, and keep others safe as well as ourselves. We pray for those who have to use public transport to get to and from work, and those who operate it. Keep them all safe

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