Thought for the day 25 May

Over the weekend the media have been full of the Dominic Cummings story. This is not the place to discuss the rights and wrongs of the behaviour of certain advisers and politicians, but it does illustrate for us all that we are all ‘role models’. Whether it is in connection with adherence to the #lockdown guidelines or in any other aspect of life, whether we realise it or not, other people look at us and consciously or unconsciously note what we do and copy us. As any parent with a small child could tell you! Let’s try to remember that, particularly as we approach the beginning of Phase 1 of the easing of lockdown restrictions, later this week.

Lord, help us in everything we do or say to strive to match our words and actions, and to try to live up to what we believe are the highest standards and the most caring and inclusive values. Help us too to admit when we get things wrong, and to come to you seeking your forgiveness.

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