Thought for the day 26 May

How to restore/ revive/ save the economy is a recurring theme in the News, and a very real issue. We have heard of companies going into administration and employees being laid off, of whole sectors from airlines to tourism to football clubs worried that many businesses will not survive, and of governments seeking to limit the scale of a recession. A business closing has many implications: for employees, for the community, for the supply chain that served it, to mention a few. But it isn’t just about financial figures. It can mean hardship for individuals, disappointment, disillusionment, the end of hopes and dreams. Let’s pray that those in power take the appropriate decisions to support people and communities

Lord, helping businesses to come through this crisis and be able to operate in the future is a complex matter. It also involves the lives of individuals, families and communities. May those in positions of power make decisions that take those considerations into account

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