Thought for the day 27 May

Following on from yesterday’s theme, there are many younger people worried about what their future job prospects are – and more immediately income/cash flow. Many young folk have jobs in the hospitality sector (through the year in take-aways, restaurants etc) and particularly over the summer (hotels etc). It gives them extra cash (especially students) and some ‘job experience’ to put on their CV when seeking other employment. Which sector is expecting to be hit especially hard? But there are others too. What are the longer term job prospects for young people? And don’t let’s forget that they are the ones who will pay the National Insurance to keep the health service, pensions etc going in future years. Life is all inter-connected – what affects someone else affects us too

Lord, help us to remember that we are not alone and unaffected by other people’s difficulties. But that shouldn’t simply be a matter for selfish concern. If nothing else, the last couple of months have reminded us of the benefit of working together, being a community. We think particularly of our young folk and their job prospects. May they be able to fulfil their ambitions, and realise their potential

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