Thought for the day 28 May

Some people have been furloughed because of the #Covid-19 crisis, some have been made redundant, or were self-employed and are not able to work. Other are working from home. There can be benefits in working at home: no commuting, a more relaxed dress code, less risk of catching other infections such as colds. There can be challenges too: children who interrupt the video-call to tell you they are bored, the elderly relative that does the same to say that they have lost something, the neighbours who all decide to cut their lawn or do DIY with hammer and drill at the same time. Some people live in nice big houses in rural areas where there is not only quiet but plenty of space for everyone to have their own working area. Others live in flats, or on roads busy with traffic. It appears that home-working may become much more common as #lockdown restrictions are eased. Let’s remember those living with the challenges (is there anything we can do to help?), and hope that employers/ governments recognise that those who are home-working need support in all sorts of ways

Lord, thank you that there is technology available for people to work at home. It can be a great blessing for many, but can also come with many challenges. We #pray for those who are struggling to work at home. Help us to be ready to offer help if we can. We pray too that employers and governments will recognise that those who are home-working may need additional support, and will be willing to provide it

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