Thought for the day 4 May

A report published on Friday indicated that the incidence of deaths linked to Covid-19 is higher among poorer sections of society, and in poorer communities/regions. There is a widespread hope (demand?) that when rebuilding the world after Covid-19 there will be a new set of priorities driving public policy: looking at the structure of society and the economy, embracing almost every aspect including healthcare, social care, environmental issues, homelessness, the benefits system etc. Can we really use this awful crisis to bring peace and justice to society and the world, or will we let the opportunity slip by us?

Lord, through the prophets, through Jesus, you spoke of the kind of world you want – a world of peace and justice. In all the difficulties that will be involved in rebuilding the world after Covid-19, help us to have your vision of the kind of world we should be aiming for.

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