Thought for the day 5 May

Owners and managers of businesses are concerned about the ability of their businesses to survive lockdown and a cautious relaxation of the restrictions, but are also concerned how they can operate in an environment with continuing social distancing rules, the fear of being sued for not taking sufficient care etc. Employees are worried about the risks associated with returning to work – proximity to colleagues and to customers/clients, provision of hand hygiene facilities, personal protective equipment, what happens if they feel the arrangements made are inadequate; arrangements for travelling to work, opening hours of schools, childcare arrangements and so on. It is hard to devise guidelines that cover many very different situations. Most employers and employees will be keen to come to a mutual agreement on the way forward, but there will be a minority of ‘awkward cases’ on both sides. Let’s pray for positive and constructive steps going forward

Lord, easing the lockdown restrictions will not be easy. We pray for wisdom, patience and understanding on the part of all those engaged in planning the way forward – whether at national level or in a local business

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