Thought for the day 11 June

The news media, and government advisers, around the world from time to time discuss whether it is better to focus on suppressing the virus (and accepting the economic consequences) or keeping the economy going (and accepting that people will become seriously ill, and some will die). There are arguments both ways (even trying to discount those who are perhaps looking as much to their electoral ratings or personal investments as ‘the common good’). It was reported yesterday that one ‘think tank’ reckons that Britain could be the worst-hit of all Developed economies. Certainly we have seen many businesses beginning the redundancy process (even staff in the Church Offices in Edinburgh have felt the effect), and more are expected. Many self-employed people are struggling. In Developing economies, where there are no ‘furlough’ schemes or unemployment benefits, lockdown restrictions and disruption to global trade systems mean that millions face unemployment, and in some cases starvation

Lord, we believe that you want whole and full lives for everyone, free from worries about health, poverty and hunger. We pray for wisdom for political leaders and their advisers, that they will strive for your goals, and work for the kind of world you want to see

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