Thought for the day 12 June

Today marks the 80th anniversary of the surrender of the 51st Highland Brigade at St Valery, and Poppy Scotland, the Royal British Legion and others are marking the event in various ways. It was the ‘flip-side’ of Dunkirk, the troops who didn’t get away at the fall of France, and ended up as prisoners of war for five years – almost all Scots. Perhaps for reasons of keeping up morale, nothing much was said publicly at the time or later – but it had a big impact on many Highland communities. It also had a big impact on the soldiers involved, many of them young men: feelings of guilt, anger, even betrayal. It is something to recognise for itself, but also perhaps something to reflect on as we go through the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and all the other issues (like racism) that are coming to the surface. Further details can be found at

 Lord, as we recall the impact that the surrender at St Valery had on individuals and communities at that time, we also take time to pause and reflect on our own day, on people who feel guilt, anger or betrayal because of the effects on them of the Covid-19 pandemic, and on all the attempts to ‘sweep under the carpet’ unpleasant news or statistics. Help us to be honest and truthful (even when it is ‘inconvenient’) and where, we can, to support those living with difficult feelings

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