Thought for the day 13 June

Over the past week there have been on-going debates in the media about ‘racism’ and ‘transphobia’, which join topics such as anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and homophobia, that were often in the news before it was swamped by Covid-19 stories. From as far back as we have historical sources, and from a wide spread across Planet Earth, it appears that there is some innate human instinct to be afraid of, feel threatened by, be ready to criticise/vilify anyone who is ‘different’ (whether that means in appearance, dress, speech, behaviour, physical or mental capacity, or whatever). Maybe it is something rooted in our pre-human evolutionary past? Whatever its origin, it is an instinct that does not encourage growth, or peace, and creates injustice. Jesus shocked many of his contemporaries by going out of his way to speak to, deal with, and affirm people who were ‘different’. Rebuilding our world post-Covid-19 gives us an opportunity to build a more inclusive church and a more inclusive society

Lord, your love extends to everyone. Forgive us for the times we have thought or expressed prejudice or dislike against someone you love. Help us to be inclusive, and work to build an inclusive world

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