Thought for the day 29 June

We will see various changes this week designed to ease lockdown restrictions: a number of shops will be re-opening today (who thought up the term ‘non-essential’? It is very disparaging to staff and owners who work hard to meet the needs of the wider public) and on Friday the five-mile travel restriction will be lifted. There will be changes to the furlough regulations on Wednesday. Some people have been made redundant, some are expecting to receive notices of redundancy soon. All of that will produce mixed feelings across the country – sometimes in the one household, or one person. Some may be excited and feel positive, some feel worried and afraid for the future. It is a time for us all to be sensitive to others and how they are feeling, as well as sensible about sticking to the guidelines currently in place

Lord, whatever we feel about the changes planned this week, help us to be sensitive to the feelings of others – whether they are feeling relief at easing of restrictions, or worried about the future. (And help us to impart to people that they are all ‘essential’ to our community and country)

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