Thought for the day 30 June

Leicester was a bit like a blast of cold air on a hot day. Restrictions re-imposed, ‘non-essential’ (that phrase again!) shops to close, schools to close etc, and be reviewed in two weeks. Leicester may not be in Scotland, the situation there may be different from here, but it is a reminder of what could happen here if there are localised ‘second spikes’ or even a widespread one. The disruption, disappointment, despair that could be caused are hard to imagine. It is a reminder to keep up the hand-washing etc, and not become blasé about the continuing danger of Covid-19. It is a reminder too that until we have an effective vaccine, life will not be ‘normal’

Lord, help us to accept that for some time to come life will not be ‘normal’, for some time to come it is essential that we observe all the guidelines on hygiene etc. Be with all who are troubled and disturbed by this, may they know the reassurance of your presence with them

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