Thought for the day 1 July

Ask most people how they are feeling, how they are coping, and the answer is likely to be some variant on ‘weary’. We want to be able to meet up with friends and family, go places, do things that we would have done before, or particularly at this time of the year. We want life to get back to ‘normal’. But how many of us moaned about life before Covid-19 appeared on the scene? It wasn’t really perfect was it? So what would we like changed? (Can you make a list of 10 things, or 20 things, or more, that you would like to see changed when we go to the new ‘normal’?) What are you going to do about getting those changes made? Which MP, MSP or Councillor will you lobby today? And tomorrow..?

Lord, help us to picture the changes we would like to see in our community, country and world. Galvanise us to do something about it

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