Thought for the day 5 June

How many of us missed going out to ‘clap for carers’ last night – not just to express support for those people, but also to see, shout to, and wave to, neighbours up and down the street? Though it is probably better for the practice to make a definite stop rather than just drift into extinction. But we still need to remember the carers, and the impact that coping with the crisis has had on them – physically and mentally. We need to remember too the people who were and are patients or residents in hospitals or care homes, and those whose appointments/treatments were cancelled or postponed till well into the future. The health and care systems went into the crisis with ‘underlying health problems’ that have only been made worse. We hope that the decision-makers in government will ensure that all the words said in favour of the staff and the systems will turn into actions (and funding) – maybe we will need to keep reminding them.

Lord, thank you for the continuing care and dedication of health and social care workers. We ask your blessing on them, on all who are or have been in hospital or care homes, and those whose appointments/treatment is postponed. We ask you to inspire those in government to be bold in recognising the importance of the health and social care systems, and addressing issues urgently

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