Thought for the day 6 June

“We’re all going on a Summer holiday!” No we’re not, at least not in the near future, and maybe not very far away if we do. Travel companies and those in the hospitality industry would love us to be going on holiday, as their livelihoods depend upon it, but lockdown travel restrictions, quarantine rules for anyone going abroad, uncertainty about job/finance and uncertainty about risk of catching the virus are all factors that will hold people back on planning holidays. Not every holiday community is keen to see an influx of visitors who could potentially bring the virus with them. A few weeks ago the media were promoting ‘staycations’ in Scotland or Britain to preserve businesses and local economies in both. This week the excitement has been about foreign holidays being possible again (and please could the government do this, and this, to make them easier). Why the change of heart? Does it reflect their own wishes, or what they believe their core audience want? And what about the rest of us, who would be delighted even to have a trip ‘doon the waater’?

Lord, help us to cope with ‘staying put’, with not getting a holiday, seeing people, going places. If we can, help us to make the most of the weather, the views, the local facilities that we have. Help us to be aware too of those who do not have such facilities (eg living in flats), and do what we can to help and support them

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