Thought for the day 10 July

We have new freedoms today! And we must wear a face covering in shops. Freedom is always conditional – my freedom to do one thing is limited by your freedom not to be affected by it. Many of us (but not all!) were brought up – and tried to bring future generations up – to recognise that life is not all about ‘me’ and what I want, what I am free to do, but should take into account the needs of others, and sometimes put them first. It is a deep philosophical issue that plays out millions of times every day – from mum and two squabbling weans, to campaigning groups and governments. It is one of the strange ironies of our faith that we see our greatest freedom is being able to serve others – voluntarily, with only inner compulsion, not someone else forcing us

Lord, we look to the example of the one who ‘came not to be served, but to serve’. You want us to value and care for ourselves, but also to value and care for others. It’s very hard. Help us

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