Thought for the day 9 July

Opened the front door yesterday to find a pile of feathers and bits of mud lying on the front doorstep. It transpired that house martins had built a nest in the apex of the gable, but a large part of it had collapsed and fallen to the ground. Don’t know why, don’t know if there were any fledglings which died as a result, but still the birds were flying to and fro to the remains of the nest, looking as though they were bringing food. It may have been an automatic action, which didn’t take account of the collapse of the nest, or it may have been that amid the chaos and disaster life was clinging on and they were doing their bit to make sure their wee one(s) survived. I like to think it’s the latter, and that it is a reminder to us that amid all the chaos and disaster in the world (due to Covid, politics, climate change, etc) there is an innate resilience in people to cling on and struggle to survive

Lord, there are so many people in the world, in our country, in our community, who are struggling to survive. May they have the resilience, the inner strength and determination, to keep going, and may they get the help and support they need. Open the eyes of governments, open our eyes, to see what we can do

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