Thought for the day 11 July

The First Minister reportedly said yesterday, ‘If it feels normal, it is wrong’. Sounds like an exam question in English: statement followed by ‘Discuss’. I am grateful to the late Ian McCrorie (of steamers, Toad Choir and Clic Sergeant) for highlighting in a Presbytery debate the difference between ‘normal’ and ‘natural’. ‘Normal’ is about conventions, about what the majority of people do. ‘Natural’ is about what springs from human nature – good or bad. There are things that spring from the good side of  human nature – like caring for neighbours, appreciating the contribution of low-status key workers – that we would like to see become ‘normal’. There are other things (from leaving litter and worse at beauty spots to domestic and other abuse) that we most definitely do not want to be ‘normal’

Lord, there are good and bad sides to our human nature. Help us to develop the good side, and address the issues associated with the bad. Help us to develop a new ‘normal’ that is more caring and inclusive. Help us too to cope with the abnormal situation of this pandemic, and remember to abide by the guidelines

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  1. Margaret McL

    Thanks again, especially now that there is no Service nor Reflections at the Quay.

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