Thought for the day 13 July

The rules regarding the wearing of face masks in shops are different in England and Scotland. Members of the UK Government have said that they would prefer to rely on ‘common sense’ rather than making the wearing of them compulsory. As it relates to the topic of face masks, is ‘common sense’ about thinking of others, and protecting them from the risk that I may infect them, is it to give me reassurance that I will be safer with one on, or is it a kind of ‘badge’ that indicates to others what my view of the pandemic is? It also raises a good philosophical question: what is ‘common sense’, and is it universal, or does it differ between people? (This is meant to be holiday time, not a time for deep and meaningful thoughts for school essays!) How many mothers or wives have asked in exasperation: ‘where were you in the queue when common sense was handed out?’

Lord, help us at all times to think of others, and to be mindful of our own safety

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