Thought for the day 27 July

Headlines are full of the upheaval caused by the decision to impose a 14-day quarantine period on those entering the UK from Spain. Some people had holidays booked and paid for, and risked losing a lot of money if they cancelled just because they didn’t feel they should go at this time – there was no Government advice not to travel. Indeed people were being encouraged to go on holiday almost as a public duty to keep the travel industry going. At the same time Government has a responsibility to ensure that infection is not imported from abroad. You can see both points of view. So often in life issues arise where there are two (or many) different ways of looking at them – and you could agree with both/ all. We often expect life to have simple yes/no answers, but in practice it isn’t usually like that, and we don’t always like the effort of thinking through all the complications of finding the appropriate answer

Lord, so often we don’t like the effort of trying to think through all the aspects of finding an answer to a problem (‘my brain hurts!’). It is much easier to plump for a simplistic answer. But it’s not necessarily the ‘right’ or the ‘best’ answer. Help us to be ready to wrestle with problems, and help those who take decisions on public life to wrestle too

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