Thought for the day 28 July

There is talk of promoting healthy living and healthy eating. There is benefit in both, for the physical and mental health of the individuals concerned, and for the wider community with (hopefully) reduced healthcare costs. But changing behaviours is a complex process. It will include addressing advertising and special promotions, but it also includes recognising and addressing why some people don’t eat or live healthily. Some find ‘unhealthy’ food cheaper to buy or to cook; some cannot afford the kit, equipment, membership/entrance fees associated with engaging in particular types of exercise; for some there are mental health issues (why bother? What’s the point? I can’t do it on my own); for some a role model, or some kind of mentor is needed (how easy is it for a single parent in a flat to get exercise for themselves and their family if there is no safe green space nearby?). Addressing the issue is of benefit to us all, but it cannot be solved easily or quickly

Lord, you want us all to have good mental and physical health, and to be healthy, caring communities. Without being judgmental, help us to offer support to those who need help in discovering healthier ways of living and eating. Guide decision-makers into the right steps that will bring health and wholeness to the whole community

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