Thought for the day 3 August

Went for a walk yesterday along the path beside Gruggie’s Burn, South of Castlegreen Street. In a pool a fish was swimming lazily (don’t know what kind, but quite big). In the late Spring (in the hot weather) the water in the burn was very low. On Saturday (after the thunderstorms) it was a fair torrent. Where the burn meets the sea there were swans swimming gracefully, and hordes of gulls screaming and squawking – and all no doubt interested in a fish. But the fish continued swimming lazily round its pool. Maybe we could learn from the fish’s example: when all can change so quickly round about, just take life as it comes, and don’t panic

Lord, we can be quite good at worrying or panicking, but doing either does not change the world. Help us to accept with calmness and patience life as it is, and just get on with it

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