Thought for the day 5 August

The devastating blast in Beirut is a reminder to us that the world has many other problems apart from the virus. Lebanon was a country with multiple problems before the blast, and these will only be confounded by it. Our prayers are with the people there. We hope that the international community will provide the support that the people there need. We pray too that the political leaders in Lebanon will ‘get their act together’ and start thinking about the needs of the ordinary people and not just themselves. Sadly we could say much the same about many (most?) countries in the world

Lord, you see and you care. You weep and you are angry. We pray for the people of Beirut and Lebanon and their needs at this difficult time. We pray for the hearts and minds of the country’s leaders and war lords to be changed. We pray too for change in and for all other countries where life is far from the peace and justice you wish for your worldPS went for a walk by Gruggie’s Burn last night when the rain went off, and it was a raging torrent. I wonder what happened to that wee fish?

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