Thought for the day 7 September

Have you ever been at a crossroads or junction, on foot or in the car, and it isn’t clear from the signposts or your map (or SatNav) which way to go? It seems a bit like that with planning the way forward with public policy regarding the virus. The physical well-being of vulnerable people versus the mental well-being of a large section of the population. Suppressing or containing the virus versus allowing schools to remain open, colleges and universities to start, jobs to be saved and the economy revived. Acknowledging that younger people who catch Covid-19 seem to display milder symptoms, and might contribute to a ‘herd immunity’ versus the risk that there could be longer-term effects on them not immediately apparent, and the possibility that they could pass it on to ‘vulnerable’ people. We approach the crossroads from different directions, depending on our age, health, finances, family circumstances, where we live etc. Our own concerns are important, and need to be heard by others. We need to hear and understand their concerns too. We hope and pray that those who take decisions about public policy will hear all the voices, and develop a strategy that addresses all the conflicting concerns. We hope and pray too that we, the public, will be ready to understand each other’s concerns and follow the strategy and guidance put in place

Lord, there are so many conflicting needs in this situation that it is hard, maybe impossible, to satisfy everyone. We pray for those who make public policy that they will take the right decisions. We pray too for the wider public that we will respect each other, think of the needs of others, and do what we can to help

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