Thought for the day 8 September

I am writing this, you are reading this. We take it for granted. But do you remember those days (for some of us a long time ago!) when we struggled hard to learn to read and write (and had spelling tests, and were told off if we didn’t write neatly, and…)? Some children will be learning to read and write today, maybe for the first time. Some children don’t get the chance to go to school. Some are at school, but never really mastered reading and writing, so that holds them back learning other things right through school. Some leave school and are faced with a world that presumes that everyone can read and write: road signs, application forms, social media, online information, and so much more. Take a moment to picture life if you couldn’t read or write. Pretty difficult? As individuals, as a community, what can we do to promote literacy for everyone?

Lord, literacy has been an important part of our faith and culture for a long time. We take it for granted. But many struggle to read and write. It holds back their development and opportunities. They can feel isolated or embarrassed. Help us as individuals and as a community to help them to master these skills

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