Thought for the day 9 September

When I was training to be a minister, at the end of one service someone coming out thanked me for the sermon (it does happen occasionally!): I can’t remember what the topic was, but he was a lecturer in Law at Glasgow Uni, and something I had said had given him an idea for a lecture. I suspect that anyone who is a lecturer in law or ethics need only refer their students to the daily news, and they have ample topics to consider for tutorials, exams questions, dissertations and post-doctoral research! EG ‘Looking at the cases of Extinction Rebellion and Brandon Lewis’s statement in the House of Commons, when is it permissible to break a law, and when is it not?’

Lord, following the law, and not following the law, was an issue in the Jewish community before Jesus, in the Gospels we hear him having debates on the topic, and the early Apostles had them too. It has probably been an issue in other faith communities, and in groups where there is no faith. Maybe there are no ‘hard and fast’ rules on the subject. Help us, and others, as we try to think it through

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