Thought for the day 10 September

World Suicide Prevention Day

Many of us will have known someone who took their own life, or attempted to do so, or know family or friends of someone who did. Losing a friend or loved one is always hard, but when they have taken their own life anger and guilt can be much worse, and there can be long-lasting consequences. Some may have at times been in a similar ‘dark place’ themselves. It is something that can be very hard to talk about. What can we as individuals and a community do to respond: be ready to listen, be ready to assure people that they are accepted and valued for who they are, challenge stigmas and negative attitudes to people struggling with set-backs in their lives or with the pain of suicide?

Lord, we thank you for your unconditional love and care, accepting us as we are. We remember today those who carry the pain and scars of suicide, and all who are currently in a ‘dark place’. We thank you for the work of mental health teams, charities and volunteers who work to provide support, and pray for them. Help us as individuals and a community to acknowledge the issue, and strive to know how we can respond and provide support too

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