Thought for the day 11 September

What to reflect on today? It is the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, and in addition to the awful events of that day, we continue to live with the consequences of what flowed from it. Or should it be the wrangles over the Internal Market Bill and dealings with the EU, the ethical issues raised and practical consequences that could flow from it? Or the introduction of stricter guidelines on indoor and outdoor meetings, and the consequences for employment/ the economy/ the future of some businesses, for mental and maybe physical health? In all of that, and much more, one word recurs, ‘consequences’. Everything that we do or say has ‘consequences’ (intentional or unintended) for ourselves and others. We are becoming used to preparing ‘risk assessments’ for just about everything, and even if we baulk at the thought of filling out a written one, consciously or sub-consciously we do it all the time. So maybe our reflection for today is to remind ourselves that everything we do our say has ‘consequences’ for us and others – and to pause and think before we speak or act, and think what might happen as a result

Lord, before we say or do things, help us to reflect on what the consequences might be

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