Thought for the day 12 September

It’s cold, it’s very wet. Who fancies a socially-distanced meet-up in the garden or park? At least we have modern technology to help us keep in touch (telephones, social media, e-mails etc). No, it isn’t the same as seeing someone face to face, but without it… It is easy to lapse into ‘negative’ mode. If we are going to get through this winter then we need to work on the ‘positive’ mode – and help others to do that too. Can you name 10 things that you are fortunate to have (eg friends, neighbours, a roof over your head, food for the table etc)?

Lord, it can be hard to feel positive on cold, wet days, but compared with so many people we have plenty for which to be grateful. Help us to appreciate what we have and focus on the positive things – and help those who are struggling to do that

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