Weekly Prayer Diary

Week beginning 13: For Children and Teachers…

  • We pray for wisdom and courage amongst those in authority to make good decisions as they aim to provide children with a safe and healthy environment in which to learn. May they be sensitive to the needs of staff and children. And, if necessary, be willing to adapt their approach to education; keeping everyone safe whilst delivering the best platform for learning under the circumstances.

  • We recognise the enormity of the task facing teachers and Early-years Child Development Workers as they return to the classroom setting. We give thanks for them and pray for resilience and protection over them as they seek to meet the learning needs of children and young people.

  • We pray also that, despite the challenges and changes, the school learning environment will remain a welcoming space for all; where love and respect for one another is valued and nurtured at all levels.

  • We think specifically on those who are attending their school for the first time whether as a P1, S1 or newly transferred student; we pray that they will cope with the many challenges facing them and make good friendships with their classmates. We ask that their experience will not be dominated by fear and anxiety but will instil in each student an attitude of tolerance and resilience

  • For parents; we pray that each parent will feel encouraged to play their part in assisting the school, especially at this time, to provide a high standard of support and education to children.

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