Prayer Diary – Week Beginning: 27 September

This week we heard of the tragic death of police Sargent Matt Ratana in Croydon, London. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and his colleagues; we pray they will know the Lord’s presence guiding and supporting them through this difficult time.

Sargent Ratana’s death is a stark reminder of the level of risk officers face each day as they work to serve us and keep us safe. We pray protection over officers everywhere especially as they work to implement the many new restrictions brought about by Covid-19; walking a fine line to engage with the public as well as upholding the law.

We give thanks that we have a professional police force who seek to work with integrity and honour. We know that there are always challenges to overcome – especially as regard to perceptions of systemic racism and abuse. We know that no system is perfect: pray that any violation of power will be addressed and that truth and right action will be upheld.

We pray especially for the risks posed by the threat of terrorism. Our police are on the front line and put themselves in harm’s way; they are the ones who run towards danger. We ask for forgiveness that we take such a sacrifice for granted: may we give them the support and respect they deserve. We pray that risks to our communities from terrorism will be dismantled before they become a threat and, that each police force member will be protected from harm.

Also, every officer has their own family. Police families live with a level of uncertainty – knowing their loved ones put their lives on the line in the course of their work. We give thanks for their sacrifice and ask protection for them as they see and live with the real consequences that this uncertainty can have.

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