Thought for the day 28 September

Restrictions on students, pubs and restaurants closing at 10pm, fines for people not self-isolating, report your neighbour to the police if they have more than the permitted number in their house or garden, don’t impose new restrictions without allowing Parliament to debate them first. All are issues on which the Governments in Edinburgh and London (particularly the latter) are facing considerable opposition from politicians, the press and the public. Governments can and do make mistakes (sometimes with the best of intentions). Critics can be very voluble and can sometimes sound more numerous than they are. Coping with the crisis depends upon everyone ‘buying in’ to the idea that there is a crisis, that we all share in the risk, and that it can only be handled by everyone working together. If that consensus breaks down for whatever reason, it is very hard to rebuild. What do Governments need to do to keep everyone ‘on board’? What can we do to help?

Lord, restrictions introduced to contain this latest surge in infections are having a big impact on certain groups – including freedom of movement and the ability of some businesses to operate profitably. Give Governments the wisdom to know what are the appropriate measures to take, help them to be ready to admit mistakes or what they do not know, but also help us all to see the benefit and need of working together for the good of us all. Help us to remember that the latter applies to ‘us’ as well as ‘everyone else’

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