Thought for the day 1 September

The Scottish Government is to publish proposals today for rebuilding the country and economy, partly things that needed done before the pandemic struck (eg working towards a carbon-neutral economy), partly issues arising from it (eg unemployment and fewer job opportunities). Opposition parties have/will challenge them and put other options forward. There will be similar steps in London, Cardiff and Belfast. We all have our own wishes for things that they should do. Problem is that funding will be a big issue. Low interest rates make borrowing an easy option at the minute, but for the longer term it is not wise – and could be another burden for the younger generations in the future. Governments could opt for raising taxes and/or cutting/ refocussing expenditure, but are aware of the ‘political’ implications of doing so, and sometimes make ‘political’ decisions. Sometimes the weak and vulnerable are the ones who lose out. Are we prepared to say to those in power what we believe is the ‘right’ thing to do?

Lord, much as we might think we could run the country, we wouldn’t really like to be in the shoes of politicians in power. They face difficult, and sometimes conflicting, questions. Help them to take bold decisions that work to build peace and justice here and around the world, and to support the weak and vulnerable

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