Thought for the day 2 September

I wonder how many people in West Dunbartonshire, Glasgow and East Renfrewshire were ‘dumfoonert’ when they learned last night that new restrictions on meeting were being introduced from midnight? The reasons for introducing the restrictions are understandable, and the guidance must be followed if we wish to avoid a major spike, closure of schools and a full lockdown. Nevertheless, they are frustrating as we move into colder, wetter weather. For most it is inconvenient, but for people living on their own, people in care homes, and many others, it could cause/exacerbate mental health issues. Friends, family and neighbours might need extra support through this time, if there is something that we can do to help. We might also speculate on the reasons that cases spiked: was it just thoughtless, selfish behaviour; or are there other issues (eg long-established deprivation) that contributed?

Lord, we pray for all who have tested positive for Covid-19, that they will soon recover from it. We think too of those for whom these restrictions are not simply an inconvenience, but may affect their mental health – help us to do what we can to support them. We pray too for those who do not see the need to follow guidelines, or take precautions, that they will start to think more about other people – and help us to understand and address why people might not follow such guidance and advice

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