Thought for the day 3 September

80 years ago today the SS Athenia, en route from Glasgow to Montreal, was torpedoed by a U-boat NW of Ireland within hours of Britain and France’s declaration of war against Germany – the first of many merchant ships sunk during the Second World War. 98 passengers (mainly women and children) and 19 crew lost their lives. The anniversary in 2000 was used by Seafarers UK and the Merchant Navy Association to bring to public attention the contribution of merchant seamen, and the lives lost, during the two World Wars, and their role in contemporary life where most of the country’s imports and exports go by sea (though not so much now in British-flagged ships). Each year since then local authorities, including West Dunbartonshire Council, and others fly the ‘Red Duster’ in memory and appreciation of seamen past and present. We share in that

Lord, we give thanks for the service of past and present seamen (and women). They and their families can face many challenges because of the nature of their work. We pray for your blessing upon them, and all those who work to support them

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