Thought for the day 1 October

International Day of Older Persons

When are you ‘old’? Some behave as if they are ‘old’ when they are in their 20s, others still have a ‘youthful’ outlook in the 90s. Though they may not have the energy they had as teenagers, nor do they have the angst! Many older people continue making a positive contribution to their community in their 70s, 80s and 90s, just as they did when younger. For others physical or mental health problems develop and they need additional help and support. I remember looking for a care home for my great aunt: one suggested place suggested had a five-bedded room available (she didn’t go there). Even that ‘dormitory’ would have been better than the situation many older people faced a generation or two earlier: financial worries with little or no pension, no social work department to arrange support, having to give up their home move in with family or become lodgers (which didn’t always work well). We have moved on a lot in terms of support and care for older people, but there is still more that we could do. Many can still fall through the net. Let’s affirm and celebrate an older person today, and see if we can do something to help one who needs a bit of support

Lord, you celebrate and affirm everyone from the youngest to the oldest, the most able to the most needy. Each is special to you. Help us to be like you, never patronising or dismissive of people on any grounds

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