Week Beginning: 4 October

We pray for our Church family separated from one another due to lockdown and Covid restrictions; many of us are struggling emotionally and physically. The uncertainty of daily life is something which we are beginning to accept – many of our older members have had to face similar uncertainties before but, that was a long time ago and they had youth on their side. The prospect of a winter being isolated from family and friends is overwhelming. We pray for every member who grieves the loss of social connection and spiritual encouragement. We ask that they will know the Lord’s presence and comfort in a tangible way throughout this time and, that they will be courageous enough to try using new technologies as a way of keeping in touch with one another. We also pray for creativity to implement new and accessible activities.

We give thanks for those in Church leadership, across all three churches, for their work in making sense of the new rules and regulations and, commitment to ensuring safe running of services etc. Lockdown and restrictions have meant that a few people are bearing greater responsibility in decision making and taking on practical responsibilities for buildings and their surrounding areas. We pray God’s protection and guidance over them.

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