Thought for the day 12 October

World Arthritis Day

According to the NHS website around 10 million people in Britain live with arthritis in one of its many forms, and though we may associate it with one of the many ‘old age doesn’t come alone’ ailments, it can affect people of all ages including children (the charity Versus Arthritis Scotland says 15,000 across the UK as a whole). It can not only limit people’s ability to move about and do what they want, but can bring chronic pain. There is no cure for it, but people can be helped to live with it and to try to manage the pain and limitations. Today is an opportunity to remember those living with arthritis (including all the ‘success stories’ of carrying on with life in spite of it), professionals, volunteers, friends and family offering valuable support – and also those in parts of the world where there is no help or support.

Lord, we remember all who are living with arthritis and its challenges, and those who are there to support them. Help us to be more understanding of the challenges they face. We remember too those who have no support or pain control

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