Prayer Diary: Week Beginning 11 October

We pray for local businesses: West Dunbartonshire possesses some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. As a destination for day travellers and holiday makers, we rely locally on a thriving tourist industry. However, the recent uncertainties relating to Covid-19 have already decimated many businesses and are threatening the future for many more. We pray for the many business owners faced with difficult decisions: of whether or not to continue trading; of having to cut staffing levels; and/or of having to sell off other assets to offset losses. The stress of such a heavy load will also impact their physical and mental wellbeing; as well as that of their staff and their families. We pray protection over them all and ask that God the Father of Compassion and the Lord of all Comfort, will draw close to them and give them the hope they need to carry them through this difficult time.

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