Thought for the day 13 October

Last Thursday was World Sight Day. Many of us here wear glasses or contact lenses, and even if you have good distance-vision there comes a point in our forties or fifties when we start needing reading glasses. Move on a few years and we may have to contend with cataracts or macular degeneration. A minority have other eyesight problems. Fortunately we have opticians close to where we live, eye tests are free, and we have hospital departments that specialise in eye care. That isn’t the case in many countries, because of lack of resources and skilled professionals, or dislocation of society. The numbers affected are huge. As we give thanks for the eye care available to us, let’s remember those who don’t have access to it, and urge governments etc to work towards addressing the need

Lord, thank you for our sight. Thank you for the people, the equipment, the facilities that help us to see better. We pray that governments and agencies will work at providing such facilities for those who currently don’t have them

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