Thought for the day 21 October

21 October Trafalgar Day

The anniversary of the naval battle against the combined French and Spanish navies has long been commemorated by the Royal Navy. The details may not particularly concern us now – especially as France and Spain are now allies – but it gives us a focus to think about those who serve in the Royal Navy, in all their different roles, and their families. For many there can be long spells away from home and family; there can also be challenges when they leave the Navy and try to adjust to civilian life. We are thinking of them all today


Lord, we often go about our lives not thinking about those who serve in the Armed Forces, and the work they do on our behalf. Today we remember especially those who serve in the Royal Navy and their families, particularly the time spent away from home and family, and the challenges many face when they leave to return to civilian life. We remember too the work of volunteers and charities who support those who do struggle, those who live with long-term injuries and those who have lost loved ones in the naval service

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