Thought for the day 22 October

22 October

At the start of the pandemic in the Spring there was a definite sense that ‘we are all in this together’. Does that sense of unity across and within the nations of Britain still exist? Is there full co-operation between the different authorities within Britain and its constituent parts? Is there party politics going on? Do some people, some sectors of the population or economy, feel that they are being ignored by others? Are media headlines helping? We have to acknowledge that after seven months of restrictions we are all tired and frazzled, and perhaps less patient than we were. Are we at times more focussed on ourselves than others? If the sense of unity and community is fraying at the edges (or more?) is it something we want to address? How can we do that?


Lord, it is easy to moan about other people and what they are or are not doing. It isn’t always so easy to be positive and constructive. At the present time we need people to be positive and constructive – not just for the good of their own physical and mental health, but to help others who are struggling and to strengthen the sense of community. Help us to play our part in being a positive influence, and doing things to strengthen the community


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