Thought for the day 30 October

30 October

The Job Retention Scheme (‘furlough’) comes to an end tomorrow. Already many businesses have indicated that they will be making staff unemployed. The total figures are not yet available, but each case is a personal tragedy: lost income, lost opportunities, dreams ended, maybe hardship for the individual and their family. Some may find other employment quickly, others may not. There is talk of government support for re-training, but that will take time and may not lead to new rewarding employment for everyone. We express our concern for all facing an uncertain future as furlough comes to an end, and urge governments to act quickly and decisively to support them


Lord, in many households today there will be anxiety as the furlough scheme comes to an end. What does the future hold in terms of career prospects, or how are they going to pay next week’s bills? There are already many people who have become unemployed, who have those same feelings. We remember all of them – help us to know if there is anything that we can do to help or support them. May governments be ready to act quickly and decisively in offering them support and hope


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