Thought for the day 29 October

29 October

We are due to hear confirmation today of the new Tier we will be in from Monday. Strong measures are being imposed in France (‘at least for the month of November’) and Germany, and there is concern in England that the infection rate is racing ahead. Not a happy picture, given that we are still – just – in October. Governments are trying to juggle the two – sometimes contradictory – objectives of saving lives and saving livelihoods. There is no easy answer, and no easily accepted answer. We hope desperately that governments will work together and try to find the best compromise; it is important that we all take appropriate care to ensure that we neither catch the virus nor pass it on; and that we pay attention to the needs of those around us – whether that means support for the food bank, giving someone a phone call, sending a wee gift or whatever


Lord, the next few weeks and months are going to be hard, coping with rising Covid numbers and increased restrictions during the winter. Help us to get through it, and to do what we can to help others through it. Give wisdom and empathy to those in positions of leadership taking decisions on saving lives and livelihoods


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