Thought for the day 9 October

Extra restrictions coming into force or being talked about are creating ructions North and South of the Border. Some people will not notice much of difference to their lives, others will notice a big difference – to their ability to travel, their ability to socialise in the usual way, their ability to run their business/ be paid. It isn’t just about finding something else to do after 6pm. There are questions about impact on mental health, the risk of ‘unofficial’ parties in private houses, the impact on local economies, on the finances of individuals and families. There are questions too about what measures will work in cutting the spread of the virus, enable the economy to keep operating, and enable the Health Service to deal with non-Covid issues. There is the fear too that at some point the wider public loses faith in Government restrictions and simply starts ignoring them en masse. How do we strike a balance, how do we help people to feel that ‘we are all in this together’, how do we support those who are struggling?

Lord, the upsurge in virus cases is concerning. So are many of the issues associated with measures to tackle it. Give wisdom to those taking decisions on these measures, wisdom to those asked to observe them, and sensitivity and compassion among us all to support those who are struggling

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