Televised services

The following comes from a message sent out today by the Moderator of the General Assembly. You might like to share it with people who cannot access our online services:


“Finally, and with further reference to BBC Scotland, we’ve been glad that they’ve recognised the value of televised worship services throughout the period of the pandemic – a ‘God-send’ particularly for those who had no access to digital technology.  The good news is that’s been continuing with ‘The Service’, and a second series of ‘Reflections from the Quay’ will run from Advent to Easter.  Of course the Church of Scotland has no monopoly on that programming but we’ve worked to make sure that a good number of our own ministers have featured, along with representatives of our ecumenical partners and other faith communities.  I’m humbled to have been asked to preach at ‘The Service’ that will go out from St Giles’ Cathedral on Christmas Day.  I mention this in case there will be people who are not able to attend a Christmas Day service – whether because there isn’t one happening locally or through lack of digital access.”


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