Thought for the day 27 November

27 November

The English national lockdown ends next Wednesday, and yesterday local authorities and the public were told into which of the Tier areas (with tougher restrictions) they would be put. Obviously there are many very real issues about livelihoods, mental health, care for vulnerable people etc, and in no sense should anyone be sitting in judgement on anyone else’s reaction to the allocation of Tiers. It is hard for all of us (especially those of us in Scottish Tier 4 till at least 11 December), and particularly hard for some among us. But listening to the words of some MPs and headline writers, there is a temptation to consider (in a general, theoretical way) ‘how much are we all in this together, and to what extent are we more interested in ourselves, and what we can do, than the well-being of the wider community?’


Lord, help us to try to understand how other people feel, and what life is like for them, and provide support and encouragement for them


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