Thought for the day 6 November

6 November

The world is waiting – we may have an answer today, or maybe tomorrow, or maybe… Counting millions of ballot papers takes a long time, and so can legal challenges. Because America is the richest and most powerful country in the world, the outcome of its election affects all of us. But waiting – whether for election results, or Santa, or going on holiday, or the nearly-due baby, or exam results, or details of a hospital appointment – can be hard. Sometimes we are so excited, sometimes we are worried and dread the worst. Saying things like, ‘you’ve just got to be patient’, isn’t always helpful or practical. Sometimes we need strategies to help us cope – maybe finding a distraction to occupy our minds while we wait, or being able to talk through our concerns with a sympathetic ear. We may have more pressing personal worries (or excitements) than US election results or trade-deals with the EU or America – can we help each other through them?


Lord, you have long heard cries and concerns from people struggling with waiting. Help us to have patience, but help us also to be ready to share with each other, and to help each other, when waiting is hard, and anxiety is building up


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