Thought for the day 7 November

7 November

When the Vikings sacked Dumbarton it is said that it took 200 longships to carry their ‘winnings’ (aka ‘loot’) back to Dublin. How do we respond when we win something? Are we the kind of folk who stop after one raffle prize and say ‘redraw it’, or take our equivalent of 200 longships of soap, wine and potted plants home? If we score a hole in one, or win the match at the bowling green, do we buy everyone a drink, or just expect to be congratulated? Do we act all modest, or boast and brag? What about when we lose? Are we gracious, congratulating the winner, or do we have a little strop, burst into tears, and refuse to play again? Many a parent has memories of trying to help young children cope with winning and losing, success and failure. What sort of example do we show?


Lord, winning or losing involves emotions, and can come after we have invested a lot of time, effort and energy. Sometimes it can be hard to handle those emotions, and at the same time think of other people and what they are feeling. Help us to be sensitive and generous to others


PS If you want to donate to Poppy Scotland for Remembrance this year, but haven’t seen anyone collecting, details from their website say:

By phone                        call 0131 550 1542 (Mon-Fri, 9am to 4.30pm)       

By cheque post to:

Fundraising Department
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Please make cheques and postal/money orders payable to Poppyscotland

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